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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


To become a mature person you must keep your promises to yourself.

You can not trust a person who can not trust himself and that includes yourself.

Don’t expect people motivated by childish things to behave as adults.

The people who will help you are the ones who will benefit by helping you; the others will ignore you and therefore you must rely on yourself for critical things.

When your trusted facts support your predictions for the future you may safely move away from the crowd.

Do not ask of another what you can supply for yourself.

You may be secure in the wisdom that people will always act in their own self-interest as they perceive it to be in the current moment.

You may depend upon a man who can depend upon himself because he can see the value in being dependable to others.

You can become a more mature person only if you choose to become a more mature person and consistently act on that decision.

When you are feeling good, look around and choose to do the most mature action available.

At every moment it is only you that is can perform the task before you.

Satisfaction comes from completing an important task that others can not.

When you realize that your life is your journey and only you can find your way, then you alone are able to choose the paths that will get you where you want to go.

Only those who believe that they can do a thing are likely to succeed in doing it. For the common man it is routine things that he attempts, for the uncommon one it is strange things.

Rely upon your own actions and base those on cultivating the right habits in everyday actions.

Always do the right thing, and that usually means helping others to do their right thing.

Participation in the moment always involves some form of self-reliant action.

The moment for action is always now, and the question is always, what should I be doing now?

Always be ready to act appropriately right now.

Listen to others and observe their actions and then think for yourself and act on your own thoughts and not on theirs.

When it comes to self-reliance point the way but never give the slightest shove as self-reliance must come from within.