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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Fame attracts attention, and with attention one may have a greater impact upon society than without it.

Fame brings one into contact with other famous people and those are people who are having an impact upon society.

Fame, money, and power attract each other.

Seeking fame is the expression of an adolescent desire to be respected carried to its most twisted extreme.

A positive fame that is not based on worthwhile actions will soon evaporate, but even a trivial negative fame will outlast one’s life.

Rhetoric is the practice of gaining fame by the use of words arranged to be attractive and convincing.

Your having an abundance of fame will attract followers who will seek to bask in your fame.

To become famous limits your close friends to people who are also famous, the same for riches of any kind. The emperor has no friends because everyone wants something.

You lose close friends in proportion to how much fame you gain.

You lose the potential for tranquility as you gain fame.

As a person finds more mature ways of relating to themselves they find greater satisfaction in doing helpful things for other people and not impressing them.

Fame drives you into seclusion.

Great fame is associated with the 100 Greatest Atrocities of History.

Probaway Person of the Year are people to be remembered in 500 years.

To seek fame is to seek the adulation of the crowd of adolescents who respect fame rather than contentment.