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There is potentially more to be experienced for a human being than the contentment of maturity, as there was potentially more to be experienced for an adult than the satisfaction of seeing his children thrive. For the sage the sublime thing is his realization that present humanity is growing into its self-actualization. This growth is made possible as each individual develops their ability to manifest more fully the freedom to do what they choose to do with their opportunities.

A sage takes pleasure in witnessing the growing knowledge available to every human being. A few thousand years ago humans developed a growing wisdom as the people of the world communicated their knowledge to others, and those more fully informed people communicated what they considered the best to other contemporaries and to their children. It seems an obvious thing to do, it is social evolution, and it takes many forms, and as the process continues factual information becomes communicated knowledge and that in turn becomes accepted social wisdom.

That is such a seemingly ordinary thing to have happened that we easily forget just how important it is to our present situation. The verbal process was then enhanced by writing, but that was slow and expensive on vellum. Five hundred years ago movable type printing on relatively permanent, cheap paper was invented. By two hundred years ago we had newspapers, and the velocity of information accelerated to reach more people sooner. I witnessed the introduction of national radio in the 1930s and TV in the 50s. I was a sophomore in college when I began to have routine access to TV. I had one of the first Commodore 64s, and a PC when it had a CPM operating system. That was several years before the first Windows. I knew some prominent computer developers in the 90s and even lived in an early “factory”.

Everyone knows that the creation of information, knowledge, wisdom and beyond is accelerating. It is a great time to be alive and able to participate in the flight and watch it evolve. Even the futurist Ray Kurzweil, now a chief engineer at Google and in contact with the very latest technology, might be hesitating on what will be available beyond five years. It’s like watching popcorn, never knowing which one is going to explode next and what the implications will be for everything else.

A modern sage personality would be participating in what is happening in our world, and it is impossible to know where the next pop will be. For example, a couple of bloggers swung the presidential election with their intentionally fabricated stories that were so well done they went viral and were viewed by millions of voters. A single person who I saw interviewed on TV put Trump in office and did so with an ordinary computer and internet hookup. That person could have been you.

The point is that you can’t tell what is going to happen, but you can be antifragile as Nassim Taleb suggests, so that no matter what happens you will come out okay.

A sage-level personal orientation lets you achieve human realization no matter what happens.