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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Lying to yourself is the worst thing you can do for your future contentment.

Sometimes it’s hard to be truthful, but ask yourself if the losses suffered when you are discovered to be lying will be worth the gain to be had by the lie.

Wisdom is in foreseeing the consequences of actions and the consequences of being discovered to be a liar can be devastating.

Falsehoods are always dressed in beautiful words so they can be enjoyed, promoted and believed.

Truth is beauty and beauty truth. That is all you need to know… is an example of a lovely lie; it’s an intriguing thought, but it isn’t true, it’s a lie. Accept that and move on.

A false statement repeated infinitely is still false.

Perhaps there is not a single absolute truth, but there are an infinite number of possible lies, and every lie is an absolute lie.

Falsehoods are created to ease suffering, but placing one’s attention on a real truth, even an unrelated truth, will also ease suffering and if chosen wisely will help correct the problem.

A truth will sometimes bring pain, but pain is a real thing that can be coped with and forgotten, whereas suffering is like a spinning wheel of recurrent bad thoughts that never entirely disappear.

Only an exceedingly wise person can go into a garden of lies and find a truth.

A wise person can gain some wisdom from the failings generated by the falsehoods of others.

Many a person has discovered that a beautiful meal with only a tiny drop of poison can ruin a perfectly lovely life.

From the right perspective, truths are always compatible with one another, but falsehoods claiming to be friends usually get into a fight.

Falsehoods may have their rewards but they will have their punishments. If that were the way of the world we honest folks would live longer happier lives.

Trustworthy information may be verified by contentious enemies and still agreed upon to be true. Falsehoods will be hidden by agreeable allies and asserted as true so they can succeed in their deceptions.

The greater the falsehood the greater the eventual suffering.

The greatest source of error is for a wise man to speak a falsehood.