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It’s three days to New Year’s Day and the time to think about resolutions, and as I like to pre-plan things a little, to look into the future as far as possible, now is the time to blog about it. Losing weight is reported to be the most common New Year’s Resolution, but few people succeed with keeping to it even for a month. My recommendation from personal experience is to do the intermittent fasting diet. It is the easiest diet I have ever done because I don’t have to watch what I eat, and only keep my resolution as to the timing of when I eat.

Debbie and I bought a fancy new scale a couple of weeks ago that’s accurate to one-tenth of a pound, and with the help of electricity coursing through our bodies it calculates all sorts of things and sends the results to our computer. We started an intermittent-fasting diet where we only eat between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM, but that proved to be too easy, so we upped the ante a little and now only eat between 12 noon and 8 PM. That has worked out well. It is easy to do because the only time to even think that we are dieting is when getting a little hungry right before lunch. It’s easy for me to do this diet at that time because I am usually busy and away from food or snacks. The fancy new scale creates a running chart which claims we have each lost three pounds. So, we will continue our New Year’s resolution of doing this intermittent fasting diet for a month and through January. It should be easy to continue because that is already what we are comfortable doing.

Another common resolution is to spend less money on frivolities like eating out, coffee shops, books, and clothes. Actually, I’m so cheap I’m going to reverse that one and choose to spend a little more. I haven’t even gone thrift store shopping for well over a year, although Debbie bought me some new Crocs shoes for Christmas and some really nice wool socks for my recent birthday.

A lot of people claim they are going to take up some exercise and get healthy, but we have taken a minimum of two twenty-minute walks per day for decades. My blood pressure is near perfect most of the time, and everyone claims I look much younger than my eighty-one-year-old body. So, it’s not much of a resolution to keep doing what I have been doing.

Some people I know get into some educational things, like learning a foreign language, but that’s a waste of brain cells and energy resources. I find it’s more satisfying doing productive things that create meaning for others or writing a blog. It’s like choosing to spend time being intentionally kind to others by being helpful to them finding their own way. Many people choose to feel love toward others, but I feel that internalized love goes nowhere, and externalized love in the form of kindness helps everyone, including myself, feel much better because it is real.

One unusual New Year’s Resolution, well not so much a resolution as a goal, is to pay close attention to the accelerating trends of technology. To some degree, that means getting ahead of today’s newest gadgets. Something like Moore’s law is impacting many technical things and our whole society seems to be in the flex point for some of them to take off. Perhaps it will be virtual reality (VR). That didn’t seem to quite make the technical quality level this Christmas to be super successful, but the power of computers continues to double and that will soon put VR into easy technical reach. Entertainment is such a big part of modern culture that a satisfying VR system may wash away TV, movies, smartphones and much of the current fascination with computers. With good VR you may soon be in closer contact with people and generated beings that the new social media will feel and be much more intimate and immersive than a present smartphone in your hand.

Another resolution is to try to respond appropriately to our new political situations. Things may change rapidly and those who adapt to the new realities quickly may do well, but those who won’t or can’t change will probably do poorly.

Those are the top resolutions for my coming year.