Even exquisitely beautified weapons attract aggression.
All weapons are detested by understanding people, and
A sage avoids them.

Sages appear passive throughout their entire lives.
Even when compelled by necessity they do not become aggressive.
They know that aggression attracts suffering and death, so
They avoid being associated with all forms of aggression.
They avoid valuing aggression.
They avoid using aggression.

Sages create contentment and peace.
They may achieve victory over others, but
They never enjoy victory.
One who appears to enjoy victory seems to enjoy killing people.
How can one maintain the love of people,
If one seems to enjoy killing them?

In the good affairs of life use passive methods.
Even in the bad affairs of life use attractive methods;
When a single person is put down many people suffer. So
Mourn the acceptance of victory,
As the acceptance of defeat.