A Dictionary of New Epigrams


One man with a belief can change the world and soon will. You can watch it happen or do it.

Absolute belief is easy, just ignore the obvious contradictions.

Our minds may think in words, images, that are directed by beliefs, and the more clearly these map to reality the more reality will conform to our actions.

We will be victimized by our beliefs if our beliefs do not conform to the realities we are immersed within.

If we believe in hallucinations we’ll live a life of failed hallucinations, but if we believe our life is defined by reality we’ve made it possible to live a life of contentment with what is available.

To believe in unverifiable assertions is a disaster already in progress.

Belief in success makes possible great exertions of one’s resources, and the great effort often brings success even to ill-founded ideas.

Belief helps one to stay motivated to action, but there must be some reality to the situation for there to be a successful outcome.

The practical result of a belief that leads to an action is the creation of a habit; therefore, it is important to choose one’s beliefs and actions wisely.

We all believe what makes us feel good; therefore a person who wants to be effective must always give people what they want to believe because that always feels good.

To deceive people, including yourself, tell them what they want to hear.

A person seeking wisdom will seek personally verifiable knowledge based on personal experiences.

A belief is like a personal map to reality, and if the map is flawed the person is soon lost.

We need beliefs with practiced habits to react quickly to an opportunity. Thinking is slow! The moment for action is often past before we can act.

Adaptation to the moment is the route to success and survival, and that like most things requires practiced habits founded upon experience and beliefs.

The belief that a sphere is a sphere or a cube is a cube requires seeing it from several points of view.

It is imprudent to form a belief on a single observation.

You don’t have to believe everything you see or hear, but walk away from stinking things.