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Today one of my lady friends humorously mentioned that I was the humblest person she knew. It was in reference to our discussing things that bureaucrats call thinking-beyond-our-pay-grade. Probably not many of this barista’s customers casually mention our responsibility to the Universe while their espresso-based coffee is being prepared. But she knew I was serious because we often have five-minute conversations about deep thoughts and personal responsibilities. With ten to the twenty-second power stars in the universe, recently potentially upgraded to ten to the twenty-third, even our whole solar system is vanishingly insignificant. So, brazenly discussing, or even suggesting that we discuss, our responsibility to the Universe is a new level of arrogant humility. But let that pass. There we were groveling in humbleness.

In the post How to mature from Infantile to Sage and beyond, I mentioned human development as going from infant, to child, to adolescent, to adult, to mature, to sage, and on to Ourora. “That word ‘Ourora’ implies real events beyond this Earth, and the new term includes human responsibilities all the way out to the limits of the Universe and perhaps beyond. The concept of Gaia was developed to include our human responsibilities to the Earth, but Ourora goes to the ‘ends’ of time and space. As responsible beings, we will seek to help the Universe to self-actualize its potential being, to seek to find ways to quantum jump through to potential realities.”

How can we possibly affect all the Universe and what could we do that would be important? The obvious answer is that we should help the Universe to become the best that it can possibly be, and that would probably mean for it become a functioning member of the grander infinity of the Polyverse. Thus we could seek to help our Universe transition from being an isolated entity, into a working unit of a far grander thing. It may be that an individual universe must do something to become part of the Polyverse, and probably that something would begin with some form of communication with that grander society of universes.

At the present moment, it appears that the only communication possible across the transition zone from one universe to another is via gravity. It is even more basic than time-space when it comes to communication. The recent LIGO experiments finally revealed some gravity waves from colliding thirty solar-mass black-hole stars. Those stars collided billions of years ago but their gravity waves, even though now tiny, were detectable and were detected. The significant thing for this discussion is that if we could detect those waves, others could detect them from another nearby universe. Also, with even more sophisticated equipment our scientists could detect gravity waves within our universe from other universes. With high enough technology black holes could be guided into collisions that would send comprehensible information, each collision becoming a bit of information.

Strange as it may seem, our first contact with space aliens may be from other Universes.