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It is difficult for everyone to seek information that contradicts their personally held beliefs, and the problem with current information we glean from the internet is that it is limited by our personal preexisting biases. We all know people who have different opinions from ours, and if you check with others carefully you will discover things your close friends believe that are quite different from your beliefs. But, to maintain our friendly relations with them, we automatically filter those ideas out of our conversations.

Your friends are probably good, law-abiding citizens but they will have some totally contradictory opinions about things that are central to your views of the world. All of that is fine in the United States because we have freedom of speech and protections for maintaining our rights to think as we please. However, a problem arises for everyone because we all search the internet for things that we like, things that prove we are right, and avoid things that would prove we are wrong.

Social things are always complex and everyone has their own opinions. So how do we gather information so we can form the most accurate opinions and take the best actions? There are billions of opinions on the internet, and they all have some validity from the author’s point of view. Our problem is to select from that vast number of opinions a few that will help us live our lives more abundantly. We first go to a search engine such as Google, but we type in search words that are tinged with our biases.

Here is a current news story for an example of how we might get a more balanced view.

There was a horrible fire last week in Oakland, California where 36 people were killed. Everyone is trying to maintain their personal innocence in the event and each of them is pointing at others as the source of the problems and therefore those other people are responsible for the deaths. An outline of searches might begin with …

Links to the Ghost Ship fire at Wikipedia. The fault for the Ghost Ship deaths lies with … Governor, Mayor, City Manager, Fire Chief, Fire inspector, Owner, Manager, People living there, People attending the concert, refrigerator, faulty electrical wiring, the single door, the junk outside the door, the junk inside the door, the stack of pallets forming a staircase to the second floor, etc.

There are probably people involved who would choose a favorite reason from that list, for why the fire happened and was so deadly, and defend that reason with further proofs. We need to have a major search engine, with the resources to automatically scan news stories and present opposing opinions parallel side by side on the same screen. A YES opinion for something, with a contradictory NO opinion shown in parallel so a person reading both stories could come closer to a KNOW condition of what is happening.

My goal is to create a website with — YES NO KNOW —