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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


The most beautiful words you will ever hear. “I trust you.”

Trust actions more than words.

Promises are no more trustworthy than the air they were written upon.

You can trust people with big things who are trying to help others with little things.

Trust a liar in little things to be a liar in big things.

Lies from liars are more reliable than their truths.

Me, myself and I are the only concerns of liars.

Trust a fox to be a fox and a liar to be a liar.

Always trust your gut, especially when it comes to food.

Trust a person to speak from the level of the maturity of their actions.

Don’t trust people whom you can not punish if they fail to perform.

Don’t trust anyone’s words who doesn’t have skin in the game.

Don’t trust someone who can make money by smiling at you.

Trust comes from observing the causes and effects of a person’s habits.

You can only trust yourself when you have created the right habits for coping with a situation.

Don’t trust anyone who is trying to deceive you, and top on that list is you.

How can I trust someone whom I have seen cheat others who have trusted them?

To become more trustworthy, cultivate friends who are trustworthy and avoid cheaters.

A person who can resist a temptation can be trusted.

Without trust, all you can ever have is economic quid pro quo transactions.

Using the word “we” implies trust, but usually, means “me”.

It is more difficult to trust smart people than dumb ones because smart people can see more options for their future actions.

Don’t let a momentary appearance of trustworthiness override a billion years of successful doubt.

Bitter honesty is better for you than sweet bullshit.