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There have been many Probaway posts on the subject Maturing our behavior from Infant thru Sage +, but those posts have a fatal flaw. They are not popular. The reason is simply that people want their lives to be pleasurable, and phrasing of the theory labels that level of maturity as Child. Even the Adolescent level feels too stressful for most people because it suggests that to achieve that level they need to strive, and striving ruins their quest for pleasure. Adult level requires a striving for the wellbeing of other members of their personal family, and that implies a sacrifice of personal pleasure for that of others. Maturity seems even worse because their effort is going to helping other members of their community, and those people are their personal competitors, and their family’s competitors too; thus those other people’s success is seen as a loss of personal pleasure and a diminishing of the status gained by adolescent and adult accomplishments. Sage level is working for all humanity and that appears to be counterproductive to all of their other accomplishments.

What needs to be done is to emphasize that there is a greater pleasure to be had by moving up a level of maturity from wherever you happen to be at the moment. It does require sensing the pleasure had by others as a personal pleasure. That pleasure isn’t of the bodily sense organs, but of the mental ones. It requires what can be termed mirroring others’ pleasure, and that is actually mentally feeling in one’s own body the sensations of the wellbeing of other people. At the Sage level that means mentally projecting oneself out totally beyond personal experience, even beyond what can ever be a personal experience and appreciating the enjoyment of remote individuals’ personal freedom of expression.

That kind of internalized spiritual personal pleasure is remote from the thoughts and feelings of a person caught up in a sensual personal pleasure. To achieve that kind of Sage-like satisfaction requires having the experience of each of those other levels so that they can create the environment for those others, even remote people, to live in. Their object is to maximize a complete access for every person to clear and verifiable facts, the ability to organize those facts into a body of knowledge that matches their personal reality, the wisdom to foresee the cause and effects of their personal behavior, and a world where that can be done.

The steps through these stages of maturity are where you place your attention when you are ready.

Pause occasionally and consider — What is a better way to do this?

Define your goals in such a way that there is a way to accomplish them.