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Dudley’s Writers group prompt for 10 minutes of freeform writing – Vitality

Here I am, ten hours after the presidential election results came in, and the vitality of the United States voting public has spoken. The majority’s vital decisions are different from mine, but as I live in a democracy, their vitality at least on questions of public policy overrides mine. I’m okay with that, I suppose, but I am worried. I remember many years ago when sitting with my friends in my coffee shop, The Mediterraneum, in Berkeley, saying, “If Ronald Reagan gets elected I’m moving out of California.” However, as the other Californians chose him, and the months rolled by, I didn’t leave, and things turned out okay. A few years later Ronnie was running for President of the United States, and I was still sitting in that same coffee shop and saying, “If Reagan gets elected I’m moving to New Zealand.” Well, once again he got elected, and once again I didn’t move, and we all survived.

Here I am again sitting in my favorite coffee shop, Dudley’s, with my body having moved from Berkeley, California, to Bend, Oregon, and still saying the same old thing… In this case it’s Donald Trump I’m worried about, but I now have deeper roots, having bought and fully paid off a house, I can’t say I’m moving off to some distant place. I’m stuck here far more tightly than I ever was back in my Berkeley situation. I like it here, so I’m having to change my tune… My sad song now is the ancient Chinese saying “Great disasters bring great opportunities,” and I’m trying to look into the future and foresee what the opportunities are going to be, and what I should do.

How can I survive, how can I prosper, how can I live a tranquil life? I’m 81 now and my energy is obviously going to slacken during this new presidency. So how can I use my newly forming insights on how to live well and to experience my vitality to the fullest?

How can I use my remaining vitality to benefit humanity?