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The ability to feel love is a great gift that we can give to another person, but the ability to give a physical expression in the form of a kindness which they need is even greater because it becomes part of the knowable Universe. To do this most effectively we must be able to present something to them that they value and are able to hold. That form of expression of personal feelings creates a channel which can flow both ways. Your expression of love can bounce back to you, but for that to be possible you yourself must be lovable. For this reciprocal loving to take place we must both love and be lovable.

However, to be lovable you must comport yourself in such a way that you are approachable and vulnerable to receiving affection. If you have a hard appearance coupled with a stiff behavior you will feel dangerous and rejecting toward those around you, and in that mode even if you do give a loving gift it will be difficult for the recipient to reciprocate. To receive love you must be lovable and open to receiving it.

An important point is that by clearly expressing love to another person we can make a real template for them and others to base their personal expressions of love upon. In addition, by being lovable we may offer the other person the opportunity to practice giving love, and thus help them to create the habit of loving and of expressing it by giving an external kindness. Kindness in this context is seeing a need the other person has and opening the doors of perception for them in such a way that they are fully in control of accepting the kindness.

Express love and kindness in such an external and comprehensible way that it can be imitated by others.