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The EarthArk Project is still the right way to save species, but time is running out. The basic idea of the EarthArk is to store all of the DNA of all of the species of plants and animals of the Earth at the coldest place on Earth. The new problem is that all of the world’s existing life may be contaminated with new genetic code. The already existing genetic modifications created are now entering wildlife forms, and with the new technique named CRISPR the rate of contamination is certain to increase. Every living thing is likely to be affected, and it is impossible to envision what may come. We have already entered the new world of living things and for some things, it will be very good, but for most currently living forms, it means eventual extinction. Or perhaps not quite extinction, but a great and rapid change in the form of the current living things, and thus extinction of life forms as we know them.

The Argus Dome in Antarctica has temperatures thought to be the coldest on the surface of the Earth. Wikipedia – Dome A (Dome Argus) says, “Temperatures at Dome A fall below −80 °C (−112 °F) almost every winter, while in summer it rarely exceeds −10 °C (14 °F).” The highest point of the ice sheet (4,093 m (13,428 ft or 2.54 miles) above sea level) by GPS survey is at 80°22’S 77°21’E (-80.367 77.352).

What is needed now, before all life is infected with the newly created DNA is a safe bank of the currently existing DNA. The various DNA banks of the world are not nearly so vast in their attempts to save DNA as this project. The Earth Ark is aimed at saving every living thing and not just the currently economically valuable ones. The method is conceptually simple. Give every community of the world a packet of envelopes to give to some of their local citizens and ask them to collect seeds and small samples of plant tissue and soil samples and put it into the envelope and put the envelope into a mailbox.

The envelope is addressed to the Earth Ark base station at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, and the already existing mail system will take the envelope there. Once there in appropriate containers, those containers could be transported up to the Argus Dome facility for permanent storage. The facility once in place would need little or no maintenance, and therefore would cost nothing beyond being set into place. They would remain there until they were needed to replant the Earth with plants, animals, and biota needed to regrow our world back to its 2020 AD form.

To save the present life on Earth for the distant future we must save the current DNA.