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I just read Wired Magazine’s article on Fecal Transplant, and it needed some comments.

Until the modern search for fecal science has matured to where the results are predictable, it will be better to store one’s own feces collected when healthy, and reboot one’s own intestinal biome after it has been destroyed. There is a lot of research being done now in 2016, so by 2020 the problems with professional prepared fecal reboot should be solved, but at present it is still a bit risky. It also appears that at present there are unexpected benefits, like bald men growing hair, to be gained by taking into one’s personal intestine some specific bacteria, and these effects are being studied carefully.

There are obviously some dangers with taking other people’s intestinal biota into one’s own system. Even a perfectly healthy donor of feces may have something that would react badly with another person, but these things are discoverable and the worst of them will be discovered soon. But until that day comes, it will probably be safer to reboot one’s own intestines with one’s own feces collected when feeling healthy.

Until modern science has perfected the ideal strain of biota for you, personally, it will probably be safer to reintroduce your own fecal material into your own anus. This general procedure will be something approximately like … The day after a severe diarrhea attack or the last day of a course of antibiotics, begin a daily routine of reintroducing one’s personal intestinal biota. That may most easily be done with two enemas per day, but if after two days that hasn’t begun returning the digestion to near normal, a capsule of one’s own feces taken orally may help, because it will get the biome into the upper intestinal tract.

This procedure requires storing one’s personal feces taken when healthy in a freezer. That may be done at home by collecting the feces, wrapping it three separate times, and carefully labeling the package with the fact that it is feces, and placing the individual’s name, date, and state of health when taken. This multiple-wrapped feces may be stored in your personal freezer, or perhaps a local public freezer company could have a special location for many people’s samples.

In a few years, there will probably be refined fecal transplant material commercially available, even with special characteristics that have been proven to be safe and effective, but until then your own feces are probably going to be best for you.

Safe fecal transplants will soon be available but until then use your own material.