My life is going better than ever almost every day for years now and most of the time I feel cheerful about that, but at the moment I’m just a bit glum. Why? There have been daily conversations with my friends that I have enjoyed greatly. There are proclamations of love cast verbally my way, and various hugs and pats are frequent occurrences. I have attended several events this week that were so uplifting they brought tears of affection to my eyes. There is even a movie being made about successful eighty-year-olds by a professional filmmaker in which I get to play a significant part. The last take was last week, so I don’t have to do anything more and it’s almost in the can, just the editing to go. I’ve recovered from being rejected from an art show, and even got more kudos from my friends for being rejected than I would have for having my work hanging on a wall. Even these thousands of blog posts when I look back over them are okay especially, as they show a development of important ideas and an appreciation of the human predicament. So, what’s the problem?

It seems to come back to seeing people around me not living their lives as expansively as they might be doing. Also, it seems so strange to me that people here complain of poverty while living in beautiful houses and driving big new cars. One of my buddies just bought a new Subaru Outback, which is an excellent reasonable choice, but going down the street it will be dwarfed by the gigantic new pickup trucks. Some of those are no doubt needed for the work the owners are doing, but most of them are for conspicuous consumption. Almost every house around here has some kind of large recreational vehicle parked out front. One of my neighbors has gone hunting for elk this week, not locally, but several hundred miles away. Thus they will drag a large trailer to live in and a huge amount of equipment in a second vehicle just to get a shot at a few dollars worth of wild meat. Okay, people can do what they want, and I encourage that, but it bothers me that they are doing it for simple personal pleasure and not spending the time and money and effort on helping humanity.

Well, that’s my thing, and there is no reason they shouldn’t be doing theirs with the vigor I do mine. While all of this expensive fun is taking place the streets are rotting away, and the voters refuse to fix them. Most of this city is so new that the streets are still in good shape, but the old part of town isn’t even being maintained. Even the main intersection in town, 3rd and Greenwood, must be crossed carefully because of the poor street maintenance.

So what’s bothering me seems to be other people. For the most part, these are very nice people and when outside people visit here they are usually astonished at how kindly everyone treats everyone else. Perhaps as far as humanity goes this is as good as it gets, and my complaints are superficial and trivial. Oh yes, there is this election thing.

My feelings are my responsibility, and I will do what needs to be done.