Yesterday I wrote, “I set myself up to fail by defining the goal poorly.” My goal was to save humanity, and my methods were:  Earth Ark Project to save plant life, Life Haven Project to save animal life, and more recently giving people a technique for becoming more mature. I might call that The Human Maturity Project. The problem with these goals is that the demise of humanity can not be prevented, only postponed. It is like one’s eventual personal death in that regard, it can only be postponed.

The Christian approach to the death of the presently conscious person, even the death of their society, is to postulate a permanent heaven. That is a place that is implied in their teaching to exist forever. It is there, after the personal death of you and your society, that you will live on in eternal bliss, but only if you obey the rules. By the creators of Christianity using the obvious fabrication of a permanent Heaven, and making it a part of their credo, which one must accept or not be accepted into the community, it becomes possible to set some reasonable-sounding goals but impossible goals to achieve on this Earth. Once this system is in place the people can live in peace like contented lambs, and what does it matter that it is based on a fabrication if the people are happy with their lives? See Saint Augustine’s famous claim, “Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.

My aspiration with my attempts to help humanity is for everyone to have long lives and to participate fully in their personal situation. My contention is that if people see their personal reality clearly they will act in ways that satisfy that practical goal. No one can possibly know what everyone will need, and each individual must choose their own actions every moment of their lives; even the lambs must do that. All that is needed for people to mature is to look at their lives and choose to do the most mature action available at the moment.

Stating this simple goal for people only requires presenting it clearly so everyone can understand it, placing it where everyone can find it, and then publicizing it in such a way that everyone will find it. The idea needs a simple slogan that will work in every language. Something like:

When you are feeling good, choose to do the most mature thing you can.