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By misstating my intention as trying to save humanity I have inadvertently set myself up with an impossible task and am therefore doomed to fail. The problem is because no one can save humanity in the very long run, and even for another moment doesn’t mean it won’t cease to exist in the very next moment.

My method for saving humanity was to give every person a method for becoming more mature. If every person was able to move a single step up the scale of maturity, then my supposition was that nearly all of the problems of our interacting with each other would disappear. The basic levels of maturity are defined for purposes of easy discussion as — infant, child, adolescent, adult, mature, sage and ourora. The goal is to present each human with the tool they need for growing in their maturity. The idea is so simple that much of the time a person will have behaved in a maturity-enhancing way without every having heard of my suggestion. That is because people naturally mature as the year’s roll by if they are confronted with problems that require them to behave in a more mature way.

What I am suggesting is that people can intentionally choose to behave more maturely by following a simple suggestion. That suggestion is — When you are feeling good and full of energy, look at your options and choose to do the activities that are more mature. By doing that more mature activity you will develop the habits of a more mature person. It may feel like a more difficult task the first few times you do a more mature action, but as you develop the habits needed for that level of behavior it becomes easier and eventually spontaneous and natural. The personal reward for living your life at a more mature level is that there is the possibility of more satisfaction and thus more pleasure and happiness.

I have been describing this progression toward maturity with a story of a family going skiing. The infant is exposed to a new and unusual environment to explore, the child skis for excitement and fun, the adolescent for showing off skills, the adult for having a family outing and forming a family bonding experience, the mature person for the family doing some public service while skiing, and the sage for helping each of these people to attempt their next level of maturity.

These are worthwhile goals for every one of these people, but it won’t save humanity. It will help everyone to be happier and kinder to other people, but that won’t save humanity. My Earth Ark Project and Life Haven Project are more directed toward that goal. But I have failed at that effort and even got a Darwin Award for that failure. Actually, it wasn’t given to me personally but to all humanity and I was just the holder of the Darwin Award symbol.

Define your goals in such a way that there is a way to accomplish them.