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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Be prepared for your opportunities and the risks that will accompany them.

It is stupid to see the risks and dangers clearly and still to do things that won’t work.

Don’t take stupid risks!

Take risks where the payoff is far greater than the costs.

Avoid risks where the costs are far greater than the payoff.

It is heroic to take big risks for a grand cause and foolish to take even little risks for a silly one.

Our lives have the potential to improve when we take the right kind of risks and the likelihood of failure when we take the wrong ones.

Being kind to another person isn’t taking an unreasonable risk.

It isn’t necessary to take risks to have an interesting and worthwhile life.

Some risks are easy to foresee and avoid like not living on an earthquake fault, or on a low-lying seashore.

Drinking to solve problems and ease pain is the worst risk; it always comes to a bad end in about twenty years.

Taking risks for the adrenaline rush will eventually get you a Darwin Award.

Avoiding stupid behavior is easy if one has cultivated habits of choosing pleasant things to do as opposed to dangerous ones.

There is always some risk involved in doing the right thing but do it anyway.

The easiest wisdom comes from observing the students outcomes in the school of hard knocks.

Learn from the whacks on other people’s noggins.

Wise people don’t risk their money on other people’s words but on their actions.

Avoid risks where there is no recovery if you fail and no guaranteed reward if you win.

Life is risky and you are guaranteed to lose it eventually, so don’t risk it for worthless things.

In the real world risk, reward and punishment all hang together.

It is risky to see what ought to be done and do the opposite.

Taking improv classes gives you the chance to take unusual risks safely and learn from your mistakes.

Avoid thrilling risks; instead take risks for personal growth toward maturity.

To gain wisdom and act wisely requires having the willingness to see every aspect of the reality, even if there isn’t time enough to actually explore it.

A sage is eager to participate in everything available, to take some recoverable risks, so he may clearly know what is to be recommended and done, and what to avoid.

With the forethought of wisdom, you set your goals and assess the risks and then you must put all your efforts into the processes of doing what needs doing.

It is foolish to take risks and be injured when it isn’t necessary so we will be physically able to take risks when it is necessary.

Give it your best where there is the risk of everyone who attempts failing, for then when you succeed you will reap the benefits for everyone.

If you don’t step forward and express your wisdom, you won’t get the feedback from others that will show you where you are wrong and where the risks are to be found.

If there is going to be a thing that needs doing that is at the limit of your abilities there will be risks, but if the task is worthwhile we must take the risks.

Too much caution is just as destructive as too much risk taking, and more dreams are squashed by too much fear-driven caution.

Those who never take any risks never win anything fantastic that’s worth having.

To face risk is to face uncertainty, and most people get the courage to face uncertainty with blind faith in untestable magical ideation, but that is not the way of wisdom. The wise foresee where they are going.

It is risky to reach into the unknown, so say where you are going and why and leave a trail so others can find the limits of what has been discovered.

Life is risky, so choose your options in a way that will benefit you and your friends.