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I was searching for a J.M.W. Turner painting and found some other Turners that are totally different.

Google searching for pictures

A google search of some Turner images

To get something like the original search above click HERE. Then click on an image, such as the top-left one and get something like the image below.

A screen capture of a google searchC

This was created by clicking on the top-left picture in the previous field.

Clicking on the three trees in the lower right of this one will get the group below

Probing google images sequence

The three trees in the lower right now bring up a bigger picture of the three trees but from the same group.

Now the thing worth learning is that by clicking the View more image in the lower right you get a search that brings up images based on a search of similar images to that one.

A deeper google search strategy

We now are viewing more like that one

Clicking on the second picture and then view more gives you a deeper search into that style of tree paintings.

Probing into images.

Here is a deeper view into that style of pictures of trees.

Searching google images

More views of trees will be the first images in the basic search, then click on the one you like.

If you enjoy images this is a fantastic way to probe into things you may have never seen before, but will like.