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Writers’ group prompt  — That was when I realized that I was not invited.

I was sitting in my new lounge chair in the garden when it happened. It was a nearly inaudible rustling in the bushes behind me, and with a start, I reflexively turned around, but nothing was there. I assumed it was just the bushes making some adjustment as they sometimes do, and I went back to my idle reveries on the meaning of life, especially human life.

I was trying to figure out how to save humanity and how to prevent it from destroying itself. Most people I encounter say that it’s a worthy goal, and they claim they think about it occasionally, but they also mock it as preposterous and say only a fool would waste time attempting to do something so grandiose! It’s piffle, or poof, or pudding!

Well, I am that foolish and my goal is to raise the maturity level of all humanity by giving every person an easy method for improving their personal relationship with their environment, with other people, and most importantly with themselves. Truly that is a fool’s quest! How can a person sitting alone in a garden change everyone on the whole planet, especially when everyone knows they’re already on the right path, and also that I’m a fool?

A tiny twig snaps! I jump again and look around. Nothing.

If I could only communicate to people the concept that when they are feeling emotionally good and have some flexibility in their next actions, that’s an opportunity to choose to do the most mature thing available instead of some fun thing. …

Another little rustle and I turned around and … I realized that I was not invited !!! I grab my camera …

A family of skunks in Bend, Oregon

A mother skunk and four kits walking toward me from about eight feet away.

Here is my video posted to YouTube of the event – Baby skunks on parade.

Sometimes, in the midst of a seemingly profound quest, reality intrudes.