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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Would you recognize perfection if it was in front of you?

Is perfection the acceptance of tranquility with yourself, acceptance of your personal world, and contentment with the universe beyond your experience?

There are an infinity of perfections, because perfection is defined by words, and with words we can create an infinity of aspirations for perfection.

Perfection is intimidating, and intimidation creates conflict and enemies.

The living world can never be perfect because there are so many living things seeking to change it to their personal liking.

What is the source of the pain that is goading you toward some goal, and is it an abstract unattainable idea, or something you can finish and say “I did that!”?

The physical Universe is always perfect, but when life began to have strivings for food and security there was something new, a motivation, and when animals began to have struggles for status there came into being envy and egomania, and these have been perfected by economic man.

The more perfect something is, the greater the risk that the tiniest detail added or subtracted will ruin the perfection. That would be a horrible way to live your life.

Look to perfection and move towards it, but not too fast.

To demand perfection in one’s daily life brings stress, failure, disappointment, anger and despair.

Absence of obvious flaws on casual inspection is perfection enough.

If a task is done perfectly enough to perform its function, it is done well enough to be called perfect.

Bowerbirds create a nest that is perfect enough to attract a mate.

There are many ways to reach perfection, but the surest way is to be yourself because you are the perfect you.

Kindness is a worthy goal, and it is much more than just being nice to other people. A deeper kindness, and one requiring another more specific name, is opening the door that is inhibiting another from seeing their own needs.

Every moment the perfection behind your veil is different, and though the veil be flimsy it requires an effort to reach beyond it.

One’s orientation is towards perfection, but it is not a goal to be achieved.

The perfect you walking down the street is just you walking down the street.