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The energy of power moves into the relative void,
The energy of this path also moves into the void.
Is this concept elusive?
Yes, and it is evasive also!
Is it evasive? – Yes, and it is elusive also!
Yet within this nothing much can be found!
Very elusive?
Yes, and it is evasive! Yet within this nothing is the way!
Perhaps you understand.
It is very obscure. Yet
Within this nothing is the ultimate energizing source, and
This source of energy is very real.
So much does this energy permeate everything
That only the one using it can see it
And even then only while using it.
The ancient sages knew this source of energy, and
The sages’ use of the Tao echoes down through the ages.
This energy has been named many times; but
The Tao vanishes even while you watch it.
It’s only while you are using it that you can glimpse it.

How may this power be described?
A power that vanishes even while you observe it.
Unfortunately the best way to point to it is with words.