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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Beauty is felt in a pleasurable act of observation.

Visual beauty requires good lighting, good eyesight and a prepared mind.

The heart of beauty is generating a happy understanding.

Beauty lies in a comprehensive group of understandable relationships.

Beauty lies in organized layers of understanding, and it requires a prepared mind to probe into the layers and integrate them into comprehension.

The potential for discovering beauty requires a prepared mind.

Potentially beautiful things may be external to one’s physical being, but it requires a willingness to witness them before beauty can be perceived by the mind.

To perceive beauty in the world around us requires more than simply opening one’s eyes, because one may look and see, but not perceive.

Physical beauty may fade with time, and poetic beauty may fade with the changing meaning of words, and even perfect beauty can not be comprehended if there is no one capable of the effort needed for perceiving it.

The existence of beauty requires an intelligence capable of bringing the relevant concepts into a meaningful whole, and thus a computer of the not too distant future will be capable of appreciating beauty.

Feminine beauty is the promise of joy to come.

Masculine beauty is an expectation of status and security.

Sublime beauty is always stark naked and totally revealed.

The more nearly perfect something is, the more sensitive it is to the slightest flaw.

The more perfect a beauty is, the more perfect it becomes upon closer examination.

Beauty is the revelation of relationships through the senses to the inner spirit.

The bliss of comprehension of relationships is the essence of beauty.

Never miss an opportunity for experiencing the beautiful; it takes little time and the experience makes one’s whole life more fulfilling.

All things are beautiful while you are enjoying them.

When we see physical beauty linked with a kind heart we are naturally filled with the feeling of appropriateness.

Everything is beautiful if it feels that it holds together appropriately.

Ugliness is when things don’t make sense being together, whereas beauty is when things fit harmoniously together.

A person who cultivates kindness will soon become physically beautiful.

When we are comfortable expressing ourselves we are seen as interesting and beautiful in our own way to others.

Everything that soothes fear and pain is felt as desirable and beautiful.

The beauty we seek in our leisure is the being we wish to become.

Beauty that mirrors something in our soul we feel as the most sublime beauty.

Truth is in the mind, beauty in the heart, and joy in the guts.

The deepest beauty is in the core of the perfected spirit.