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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


While the consciousness of spirit inhabits your body you may participate in its pleasures and its pains, but when it is gone your body and consciousness are only potentially spiritual.

When you are aware of your consciousness and its potentials you are in that moment a spiritual being, and then have the potential of spiritually motivated actions.

The one who is unaware of his spiritual being and its needs, and abilities, is only a slave responding to the promptings of physical reality.

The spiritual being is the totality of that potential conscious self we feel residing within us.

When you are aware of your spiritual being you are at that moment also aware of your contact with the whole of reality.

We are physically attached to physical reality when we realize it and also when we are unconscious of it; we were part of it before we came into conscious existence and we will still be after we depart from it; we do not need to grasp after reality because it is always here with us in this moment.

While being in conscious contact with reality you are in contact with everything and never alone.

When you are in contact with reality you are in contact with the divine.

Life in the physical world is necessary before you can become aware of personal consciousness, and that is necessary before you can become aware of your spirit.

The eternity of the spirit begins with the birth of consciousness of its existence and proceeds with each following moment of consciousness generated by its existence. We exist in the moment of now and there is an inertia that carries into the next unique moment.

Consciousness comes and goes with the body, but the moments of consciousness are always in the present, and for that the spirit of consciousness is always in the eternal now.

The spirit is invisible, but its manifestations are seen in even the tiniest action.

There is no meaning except that contained within our present moment of holding that meaning as valuable; meaning is always in the conscious now.

Spirit is always held within the consciousness of our living body; thus we revere the world that sustains our body, and our body that sustains our consciousness and our consciousness that sustains our spirit.

We are human beings having a spiritual experience. We are not spiritual beings having a human experience. We must have a functioning body to have a consciousness of our spiritual being.

The spirit can not be created or destroyed because it always exists in the present moment, and awareness of it either exists or it doesn’t.

Moments of spiritual awareness are flickering moments of awareness of being.

Those who are skillful enough to obtain consciousness happiness then seek to open the doors to the higher forms of happiness for others by lifting the veil that obscures their consciousness of their spirit.

A sure outward sign of an advanced spiritual person is an undertone of humor in everything they do.