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My friends tonight discussed morality. What is morality, and does it even exist anymore, or did it ever exist? There was a wide-ranging discussion and expression of points of view and only a little bickering, in which I said little, basically feeling – what’s the use of discussing something if we aren’t going to do anything substantial? It is generally agreed that we are going to talk and come to no consensus, no proposed actions, and definitely no concrete actions.

Morality here in America at the moment is being defined by what is legal for those with a surplus of money, who are thus free to spend their money to manipulate governments. Money talks, and unlimited free money means unlimited free speech. Those people with no money to put into the political process have no political power because their non-input of money into the political process means a non-input of speech and that means a non-input into the politics of decision, and that means they get deprived of whatever they possess.

We are now living in a society where the master speaks his demands, and the slave obeys. The slave is compelled by his money debt to do as he is told or lose what little he has. The master, that is the person without debt, is not obligated to obey any creditor because he doesn’t owe any creditor a debt. The creditor has excess money beyond his personal needs and can use that money to put other people into debt. The trouble comes to the debtor because the creditor can use some of his extra money to manipulate the public laws to gain even more money and more power to pull more money into his personal sphere. This process has over the recent decades put nearly all of the assets of America into the control of a very few people.

Those with money are free, and those who are in debt are slaves. It is that simple,  and that is modern morality.