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Anxieties drift away when you avoid rigid etiquette.
The differences between ‘yes’ and ‘yeah’ are fleeting conventions.
But the differences between happiness and suffering are real.

Even things which the people dread can be drawn away into the void.
Emptiness is without limits.
The void is vast.

When evil is drawn away,
Your people may be happy and always laughing,
As when they are picnicking, or touring old monuments.
You alone seem simple, and are slow to comprehend all things.
You seem like a child, and don’t know when to smile or frown.

You alone seem forlorn and lost, without a place of refuge.
The people are filled with plenty but you are empty.
Your behavior is simple, even for an idiot.

You seem even more than ignorant, even more than stupid.
All the people are filled with knowing and luminosity, but
You are empty; You are stupid and dim;
All the people are sharp, indeed very sharp; but
You alone are dull and
Desolate as the open sea,
Lost, anchor less, adrift.

All the people are worthy and useful;
You alone are awkward and unable;
You alone differ from the others;
You alone draw your sustenance from your void.