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Modern humanity has several existential risks, but there is one that is impacting everyone and we are ignoring it. It is having a greater impact than tobacco and is killing more people, but killing them more slowly than even smoking, and furthermore it is giving us more perceived pleasure than smoking. I am referring to antibiotics and their side effects. They are the wonder drugs of the 20th century and they have saved the lives of hundreds of millions of people, including you and me perhaps, because the diseases we suffered didn’t run their full course. The down side of antibiotics is that some of the negative effects of antibiotics are cumulative, because while we have killed off the bacterial invaders making us sick, we have also killed the hundreds of species of bacteria that are keeping us well. Among other benefits the microbes digest our food and make it available to us. Also, the good bacteria living on and in us help to protect us from the alien bacteria that make us sick.

Here’s the problem: of the thousand species of bacteria that were living on and in our human population before the introduction of antibiotics more than half are reported to be gone. They were killed by antibiotics, and never came back. Every year with the introduction of even more powerful antibiotics the good bacteria are increasingly missing, and the negative blowback of that killing is an epidemic of diabetes, obesity, and asthma. Those once rare diseases are now common. Other diseases like C. diff, and SARS have recently sprung into a deadly reality for us humans.

The solution has been known for several years, and was published as, “Duodenal infusion of donor feces for recurrent Clostridium difficile,” New England Journal of Medicine 368 [2014]; 407-15. “The investigators conducted a randomized clinical trial in patients with recurrent C. diff conventionally with antibiotics or with a fecal transfer. The cure rate of those getting the drugs was 31 percent, whereas for those who chose the fecal transfer it was 94 percent. The difference was so substantial that the trial was stopped because it would have been unethical to give the remaining subjects the standard treatment.” (p. 213) Missing Microbes by Martin J. Blaster, MD

Further research has demonstrated that similar improvements are possible for other modern diseases caused by antibiotics. The problem is that everyone is skeptical about eating other people’s feces no matter how healthy that carefully selected donor has been vetted to be. The yuck factor is just too great, so here is how you take some fecal material in a way that isn’t unpleasant. It is based on my proven method of taking another unpleasant drink: Colonoscopy – and how to enjoy drinking the foul-tasting purging fluids.

Based on those experiences, here is a  procedure for drinking fecal material.

1. Have a cup of some medically acceptable beverage poured and at the ready. Choose something that you already like and which has a strong favor and nose (a strong smell) like a cinnamon spiced tea. Choose a second cup of a beverage you rarely drink like an unusual spiced tea, or cola. Set these two drinks at 70°F, room temperature for quick drinking.

2. Pour out, in a third  cup, the appropriate quantity of your intestinal “medicine,” consisting of a teaspoon of the last feces out of the donor, as it will be the closest to the small intestine and thus have the most live bacteria. You yourself is probably a good donor if you collected your feces when you were healthy. Mix this teaspoon of feces thoroughly with some water from a mixture of 1 teaspoon salt, 8 teaspoons sugar to a quart of water. This sugar and salt mixture will give the microbes some food, to help them grow, and the water will transit the intestinal wall well, leaving the microbes behind.

3. Get ready to drink the medicine by first drinking a little from the cups of good tasting drinks and then take a couple of breaths, exhale half of the breath and then drink all of the medicine straight down without breathing, and then, still without breathing, drink more of your spicy beverages. And, if you still have some breath left, daub off any of the foul smelling liquid that might still be clinging to your lips with a napkin, and finish your good tasting drinks. If well coordinated this all takes about sixteen seconds. If you want to, drink some more good beverage.

4. A little less yucky procedure is to insert a teaspoon of your stored pre-antibiotic feces into your anus. The goal is to restock your intestines with healthy bacteria.

My experience drinking Colyte, a foul tasting medicine usually used as an intestinal cleanser, is that there is zero taste from the medicine when drunk quickly between the before and after strong tasting drinks.

Eating a little good feces this way may significantly change your life for the better. There are no guarantees, but it’s better than being sick.