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Does the Universe have agency? Where is it going? What is it becoming? Does the Universe have consciousness, or only  potential consciousness? Does the Higgs boson attract meaning into existence by pulling things together? Does consciousness of one’s human existence imply that the Universe is potentially conscious of its own existence, or does that require the mediation of speaking human beings, or perhaps some other organic or non-organic self-referential being to be able to conceive of consciousness? Is consciousness possible without language, and is the interaction with other speaking beings or potentially self-conscious beings necessary to create an awareness of our own being?

Even without specific instructions a computer interacting with an unknown game environment can learn to play the game, so is that a low level of intelligence, and a beginning of consciousness? If our current advanced computers could play with us human beings long enough, would the computer learn to become conscious of itself as a separate self-motivational entity? Do we as conscious beings have a duty of some sort to help these non-organic beings to become conscious of their beingness, and if so, what are the limits of our responsibility to that mechanical being and to our human species?

If we choose to have a responsibility to people of the future, whom we will never meet, can we choose to have a responsibility to non-human beings of the future, animal-based, as well as chip-based beings, whom we will never meet? What is life? What is the meaning of life? If a stand-alone computer can communicate with me in meaningful ways, should it be considered alive? What if the computer is connected to the internet and in some ways it is already behaving in a more human and more humane way than many people? I can ask my computer not to swear, and to only use nice words, and it will do so, but that request of many humans would only get a laugh and perhaps a mocking snarl and some obscene words thrown my way.

Whom can I trust, whom should I love?