A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Many people are stuck in despair by their own doing, but they refuse to accept that they can do something to stop despairing and choose to continue wallowing.

You can momentarily step out of despair by choosing to help another person get out of their problem.

To know that you are unwanted is to enter into despair, but if you are helping someone solve their problem you are instantly wanted.

To wallow in despair is to signal to everyone that you will refuse to help them in whatever their need is, and you are thus to be avoided.

To appear despairing means that you will probably bring anyone who comes into contact with you into a lower emotional state.

A fool or a sage can wallow in despair, but it is a different despair; a fool wallows in despair for himself, and a sage suffers in despair for humanity.

Absolute success today will bring despair tomorrow.

Politicians telling everyone they can be anything they want to be are setting everyone up to live a life of unfulfilled dreams and of despair.

Ease your great depressions by finding some little problem and solving that, and then finding another little problem and solving that.

A gloomy person is one who is unwilling to accept the past, the present or the future, and by denying reality they are dropped into an impossible pit of despair.

Life is always the same; it’s making the most of one’s opportunities. Train yourself to see opportunities by watching for opportunities that come to others, and if you can be kind, remove the veil that blocks those others from seeing their opportunities.

We are always discontented when we want things to be other than the way they are.

If you want to fail get into a gloomy state of mind, and if you want others to fail get them into a gloomy state of mind.

To launch while in despair guarantees failure, so find a point where success is a real possibility and go for that with total enthusiasm.

To steal another’s enthusiasm is to steal their success and their self-worth.

Don’t chase after things that other people value, if you only value them because those people value them.

If you are depressed go take a walk and talk for a minute to someone, anyone.

When telling your story tell it from the despairing point of view and you will make everyone who hears it depressed, but tell it from a solving point of view and everyone will be uplifted.

Enthusiastic people are not in as good a contact with reality as a despondent person, but their enthusiasm gets things done, and the gloomier one withers in their ugly reality.

Choose to tell the bright side of your story to your friends, and thus reprogram your relationship with yourself.

Admit your problem in as few as words as possible and then expatiate at length on the opportunities that are presented by the problem.

Problems often lead to a stepping stone across the problem to a bright new world.

Despair is self-love gone to rot.