From experiments it is known that people can hold their hand in ice water longer if they have a companion verbally supporting them. Another form of pain suppression is verbal cursing, and here is a Myth Buster video to prove it. And the best form of pain suppression is to have a loved one sharing your pain by their presence and support.

If those are true, isn’t it possible, even probable, that an appropriate verbal expression while doing some voluntary action would help to do it better?

Verbal supports for some actions.

  1. Swearing while holding hand in ice-water.
  2. Grunting while twisting off container caps.
  3. Yelling while charging into battle.
  4. Jumping and yelling in the TV Green Room.
  5. Shushing while sneaking about.
  6. Whining while cringing
  7. Chortling while plotting.
  8. Whistling while moving ahead fearfully.
  9. Gasping while being shocked.

A search didn’t come up with more of what I was thinking about with this idea, but I did find this sort of interesting site about the new word sounds and definitions.

When you do something, do it with an audio flare.