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This hasbeen the worst cold I have had ever since experimenting with variations on my 102°F fever treatment invented in 1994. But it wasn’t that bad, and most people would call me a wimp for even mentioning it. Yesterday, day 6, I argued with my friends for two hours without a cough, a sneeze, a moment of chill or any other symptom. I had finished a hot bath an hour before the meeting and was feeling absolutely symptom free. Normally, using my treatment, I am totally normal by day three, but this one hung on a day longer. Perhaps I did have a symptom, because people did comment that I was more aggressive in my conversation than my usual cooperative self.

I was complaining at them that they weren’t doing anything about their talking. Everyone knows talk is cheap, so I feel talk that doesn’t lead to some sort of action is wasted. I like talk to be more than time-filling chit-chat. I am willing to call a minor change of behavior an action, or even a habit change nudged a bit, but words stacked on words are never going to be productive. I gave a small bunch of examples of people I have previously known who were no different than they are, but who did marvelous things. There are still plenty of things that need doing.

My mouth temperature has been at normal for the last 24 hours, and I slept well last night, but three things did happen which deserve comment.

1) I got a cold sore this afternoon on my upper lip that is the biggest I have ever seen. The treatment is vinegar daubed on, but that has made it swell up and throb.

2) I have bitten my lower lip repeatedly. Each time it is bitten, the bitten area swells up for about a day, and protrudes and then is even more easily bitten. What seems to have happened, is that being a bit despondent with this cold, I tip my head forward and down a bit; thus when eating I naturally put my lips together and up to hold my food in, and as my jaw works up and down an opening appears between my teeth and the lip gets snagged when the teeth close. I haven’t bitten it hard enough to bleed, but it is swollen and painful. The cure for this problem is to sit up straight when eating and especially when chewing.

3) There were swollen bags under my eyes, and an online treatment for this included holding warm wet tea bags against them for a minute. Since I drink tea in the morning there was a teabag readily available so I was doing as suggested. Then I remembered that my optometrist suggested that I rub my eyelids to keep the tear duct pores open, which I was doing gently but firmly when the paper bag ripped open and in an instant the inside of my eyelid was filled with ground tea-leaf grit. That was painful and I called Debbie to come and flush and pick out grit from my eye. For an hour it felt like I had grit behind my eye. Then this morning when I got up this is what it looked like.

An infected eyelid.

My eyelid with some sort of event, perhaps from grit, perhaps from the cold, I don’t know.

Anyway — That was day 7 of my cold.