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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Life is showing up, paying attention and participating, and death is permanently avoiding being here, with no attention and no participation. Some people prefer death.

Life is a constant chain of adaptations and compromises.

The good life is flowing through problems and enjoying most of the results.

The good life is filled with close attention to another person’s problems and helping them solve them.

Young life is soft, warm, and needy; but old life is rough, cold and needy, too. And those people in the middle – they are needy too. Everyone is needy!

Love tells me you are everything, but Epictetus tells us everything is replaceable.

The greatest tragedy of life isn’t to lose it, but to cease loving it.

Life always is urging us to go somewhere, but where? Forward, backward, left, right, up, down. Or, confront this problem, or that one, choose this person’s company and avoid that one’s. It’s always you that must decide.

So much of our life is provided by forces totally outside of our control that we should pause often and just say thank you to it all.

Every new moment is now, and a new opportunity to live exuberantly.

We are all embedded in our personal reality, but we also have choice as to what we are going to do with it.

Loving what you encounter externally teaches you to love your internal self.

Practice every day looking at valuable things and saying, “I don’t need that!”

As you begin a new and possibly difficult task, put a smile on your face and a charge into your voice.

Your life is most meaningful to those who love you, so always treat them kindly.

Life may deliver us into crisis situations, but we may turn these into adventures with forethought by always maintaining a little intentional slack; with slack available, you are always in control of the situation.

If you are going to control your future life you must always do it – now!

The great purpose for your life is to find a purpose for your life.

If you learn what wisdom is you will live pleasurably, so choose your options with forethought and always avoid game-ending actions when possible.

Life for many is a long preparation, an education, for something that is impossible, or they never do or even attempt to do what they were educated to do. Learn what you are going to use.

When you have a clear purpose for your life you can endure considerable pain.

If in doubt about an action, send your body on a mental trip through the dangers, and if it says no, don’t go there.

Life is an absurd comedy for those who live in their thoughts, and tragedy for those who live in their emotions.

Life becomes purposeless if you have everything you want, so wanting to help other people live well is a safe occupation with unlimited purpose.

At a glimmer of despair, turn to the person next to you and engage them in a conversation that will be uplifting to them.

Life since the beginning has been struggling through an infinity of errors, and repeating what works.

The goal of life is to participate, and to participate as fully and appropriately as possible.

Mother Nature is always fair, but in the end she kills you and uses your constituent parts in ways that you probably wouldn’t like.