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How is it possible for a species with our characteristics to survive into the distant future? There appear to be some fundamental processes inherent in the universe driving us toward self-extinction. If they are put on a pinpoint of absolute clarity it may be possible to cope and carry on, but it will require some changes in how we relate to the problems and to each other.

The physical reality problems.

  1. There are limited resources in this world.
  2. At some point in time the available ones will be exhausted.
  3. There is a natural struggle for dwindling resources.
  4. Those who are able to get them survive longer.
  5. Those who don’t get resources will wither and die out.
  6. Deadly force will be used to gain what is needed to survive.
  7. The weapons available will be used to fight for survival.
  8. Several weapons of extermination (WOES) are already available.
  9. These WOES are presently in the control of independent parties.
  10. At some point in time WOES will be thought needed to survive.

The social reality problems.

  1. Living things reproduce.
  2. Living things must reproduce more than replacement.
  3. When the environment permits, populations expand.
  4. Populations expand to the limits of their resources, such as food.
  5. When resources shrink, the population dies to a smaller number.
  6. People will come into conflict to gain essential resources.
  7. People motivated by idealistic ideas of necessity will form groups.
  8. Cohesive groups’ individuals will support each other, even unto death.
  9. Combat consumes resources and destroys productive capacity.
  10. With lower capacity to produce, population shrinks even more.
  11. Combat ends at a lower population on all sides.
  12. If combat occurred using WOES, the population is vastly lower.
  13. If many WOES are used, civilization collapses to a primitive level.
  14. If too many WOES are used, the human species goes extinct.

What can be done to save humanity.

  1. Realize that for humanity to prosper for long requires a stable population.
  2. An unlimited population expands to food-producing capacity of Earth.
  3. Food-producing capacity is presently growing so population is growing.
  4. There will be a limit at some time to food production’s growth.
  5. People in their present state of mind will not accept population limits.
  6. Independent population groups strive for population supremacy.
  7. Even large populations without WOES will lose in existential battles.
  8. Even those with WOES will lose everything in a major conflict.
  9. A worldwide population policy must be created and enforced.
  10. A worldwide population policy is impossible at the moment.
  11. We must prepare for a major war with a backup civilization.
  12. Now is the time to write a post-apocalyptic legal system.
  13. We must create The Earth Ark now for seeds and The Life Haven for humans.

Gloom and doom are made inevitable by humanity’s current success.