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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Suicide is never a good option if you can do one more thing to help anyone.

Suicide may end one’s pain, or it may not, but it certainly ends pleasure.

When you still have an ability to help other people, suicide would be betraying them.

Suicide is a way of telling your friends you don’t value their well-being.

A curse of being conscious of one’s mortality is the realization that you can kill yourself, and that continuing to suffer pain is a voluntary choice. That’s why you need a purpose beyond your personal needs to keep living.

Being alive and conscious of the Universe and its wonders is the greatest gift that physical reality can give, and suicide is throwing your greatest gift back into the meaningless void.

The discoveries of humanity are given to you for your use by the hundred billion other people who have gone before you, and that’s what you throw away with suicide.

Committing suicide violates every one of the basic rules of life — show up, pay attention, do your best, let it go, and repeat.

Suicide may end your problems, but it creates problems for others, and for me.

I feel sad when a friend commits suicide, then annoyed with them for being so stupid that they couldn’t solve their problems, then blind that I didn’t see their needs even if they didn’t express them, then guilty that I didn’t help them. Then unhappy with the thought that others I know are probably desperate and I don’t see it. Then wondering, “will writing these epigrams help or hinder whoever encounters them?”

Some will say of the successful suicide, “Good riddance. I regret having met you. You cloud my thoughts and tear my vision.”

If you are compelled to commit suicide, be kind to your friends by going on an extended vacation to an exotic place, and not making any new friends there, and then just quietly drift away. Avoid a dramatic public departure, because it hurts most those people who loved you most.

Nonexistence is just that nothing.

To choose nothing is to choose nothing.

Suicide is proving to other people that your life was worthless, at least to you.

The vast majority of the Universe is lifeless matter, and it took billions of years of stuff in the right environments to create life and to create you and your consciousness. If you commit suicide you are just getting out of the way so microbes digesting your body can bring life and consciousness to a higher level. Of course that will take another billion years, but consciousness will arise again.

Of course the Beatles were right when they sang, “All you need is love.” But they missed the critical point; what you really need to do is to give love consistently to children. People with high Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) test scores of five or more are 30 times as likely to commit suicide as those with ACE test scores of 1 or less.

Of course LOVE means protecting children from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE):

  1. Physical abuse
  2. Sexual abuse
  3. Emotional abuse
  4. Physical neglect
  5. Emotional neglect
  6. Mother treated violently
  7. Household substance abuse
  8. Household mental illness
  9. Parental separation or divorce
  10. Incarcerated household member

and replacing them with Positive Childhood Experiences (PCE):

  1. Physical security
  2. Sexual protection
  3. Emotional rewards for good actions
  4. Physical care for all physical needs
  5. Emotional support during difficulties
  6. Mother always received kindness and respect
  7. Household examples of responsible use
  8. Household responsibility for each other
  9. Parental mutual support of one another
  10. Responsibility for public welfare

People raised with very low ACE scores and very high PCE scores should rarely have sufficient reason to commit suicide, and probably only then to save several of their friends’ or relatives’ lives.

Suicide is a very personal thing. Especially when it’s done right.

Suicide is a futile attempt to escape from pain. The last days of life are still filled with pain.

What if you have a life after death, and you go around with a bullet in your head—forever. That’s got to be annoying.

I’m considering avoiding people with suicidal tendencies, if I can’t help them.

It’s considered a bad thing to kill another human being, but to kill one’s self is to kill everyone and everything, it’s killing all life, it’s killing the whole Universe.

“To be or not to be” isn’t a question, it’s a decision.

Suicide isn’t a philosophical problem, it’s a practical problem.

If you think life is meaningless and without satisfactions, consider the limitations on meaning and satisfactions when you’re dead.

Probably most suicides are cries for help, but when successful they choose, in a convincing way, to prevent anyone from helping them.

Not a single person of the hundred billion humans who have died has convincingly returned and hung around for another decade for people to admire them.

Life’s a grand play, and if your part is to be a suicide, give it your best and get off the stage.