This week our Spiritual Awareness Community did a meditation. That’s not unusual, I even led one last week, but this evening’s was different for me. We had been asked to meditate on a deep question that we had been pondering for a long time. Then for ten minutes, to the sound of a hand-held drum, we were asked to delve deeper and deeper into our question; to get behind and under that question, to find the root meaning of our problem.

My personal question was about this blog, and why the ideas I considered most important receive so few page views, and the medical ones get so many. I am not a doctor, and my medical posts are simply about my personal observations, but they are things that I know worked for me. Why my more important posts on how to save the planet get so few views is what I was thinking about; that is vexing because there is so much media interest in the various threats to humanity, and ecology in general. Much of that media coverage is focused on worry, and very little of it on real solutions. I talk and write about problems, which makes me seem to people as depressing, but I do those conversations only as an introduction to the workable solutions. The Earth Ark, and The Life Haven are two of my favorite survival solutions for the planet that are easily doable, but they get little interest.

So, I was meditating at this meeting on what I was doing wrong with those important ideas that was causing people to ignore them. It appears that just writing something up in clear posts doesn’t interest Google or the media because there is no way for them to make money referencing it. The late-night pundits only interview people who have something to sell; generally it’s a new movie, or a TV show, or a new book, or a new Broadway play, or running for public office. I don’t remember ever seeing an interview with a person with a new good idea. Even the CRISPR people, who were in line to possibly get a Nobel Prize, didn’t get an interview. If they did get the prize they might get a brief interview, but it wouldn’t be about the idea beyond its name. No ideas, just the feeling of success.

Because the media is presently driven by visual emotional stories, especially video stories, I was thinking about doing a visual presentation of this blog. But a talking head would have zero impact for reasonable ideas, only super stupid stuff ever reaches a wider audience. TED talks do reach a good audience, but only people who have already had spectacular success in other media get to do those presentations.

For a week I will think about various YouTube presentations that I might do that will develop a potential audience. It would seem that a public venue is stronger than just doing an indoor talking head; talking heads are boring no matter how well done, because it’s difficult to create any drama. Also, it would be better if people knew what they were going to be exposed to from the title, and that it was going to be short. I was thinking, “A minute of kindness”; “A one minute idea you can use”; “A one minute idea for you.”

A good idea will go viral if it is presented in the right way.