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I am not a guru by any definition of the word, but this afternoon I led over a dozen spiritually inclined people in a meditation. I think it went well because they wanted the abilities I was promoting. These were intended as practical methods for coping with the world they will encounter, but using the techniques usually promoted by the otherworldly community. I said, “I want you when you leave here to be able to see the reality before you more clearly and respond to it with more adaptive actions.” The goal of the meditation was that, when an emotional conflict develops, you are able to pause and say in perfect honesty, that “once I choose to be tranquil with myself, accepting of the reality I am immersed within and contented with all the world around my world. I can intentionally choose in any moment to achieve that mental and emotional state again.”

The reason this works is that when we are immersed in a stressful, angry, or fearful mental state we will approach our problems in a rigid way, but if we can attain a tranquil inner state we are better able to think clearly and respond more flexibly. Seeing our problems with a clear mind will permit us to be more adaptive to the problems because we will see them better and we can think through to a better solution, and act on our solutions more calmly and appropriately.

Life is easy when you are tranquil, accepting and contented.