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Our country and our 1st Amendment rights of freedom of speech are in serious trouble. Last night I listened to President Obama give a speech of cringing acceptance of the fact that even he couldn’t say what he so obviously felt. The most damning thing he could say about another mass murder in the Umpqua Community College, Oregon, was that it had become “too routine” and that it should stop. “The press reports that ‘We need more guns. We need fewer gun safety laws.’ … Does anyone really believe that???” “We can do something about it, but we are going to have to change our laws.”

Obama asked the media to publish the simple facts as to how many people were killed in the United States by terrorists versus killed by guns. The media immediately reports this as Obama “Now Openly Telling Media What Propaganda to Print.” As of today the US papers have been slow to respond, but here is the Australian Sydney Morning Herald report that did. There have been 294 shootings with four or more victims reported this year in the US so far. Gun violence killed 428 times more Americans than terrorism over the past decade, but that doesn’t include the nearly 3,000 who died in 9-11, because that was more than a decade ago. Would having a gun in your house protect you from another 9-11 attack?  Do the click-throughs above to see the horrid details.

Who are the people who are so powerful that they can make President Obama mince his words, especially when he isn’t planing to run for office again? Why is he so afraid of them he is even unwilling to admit publicly that he was raised a Unitarian Universalist? Is it because the UU is so liberal it embraces and supports all religious traditions, even atheism? The media frequently claims he is a Muslim, but he never affirms nor denies his religious affiliations ever since leaving Chicago where he was doing some political organizing in churches.

Obama and his Unitarian grandparents.

Obama and his Unitarian Universalist grandparents at his high-school graduation.

He was raised by his mother and his mother’s parents, all of whom attended UU churches, and he attended UU Sunday school all through his high school years. It is strange that he is so hesitant to talk about this, because our country and our Constitution were largely created by Unitarians. For example, in his old age, Jefferson declared, ”I trust there is not a young man now living in the United States who will not die a Unitarian.” That is what the author of the Declaration of Independence said, and he said much more on open religion. That being the case why is our present president so unwilling to speak out? Are the forces of the religious right and the gun lobby so powerful even the president of the United States can not align himself with the actual statements of the Founding Fathers?

Hopefully, as this election cycle moves along Obama will speak up, but if even he is unable to do so, we must admit freedom of speech is gone from America, and follow the advice written in the boldest possible typeface around the inside of Jefferson’s Memorial in Washington, DC.

“…I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”