I feel like I am still the same person I was when I was in high school; and the same person in college, in the Air Force, in grad school, in teaching, in business, in my decades in various coffee shops talking, and now. When I think back on my earliest years in grade school, it’s not so much me, but by sixth grade there is no mistaking me for anyone else. I can remember a few marginally outrageous things I did in school that no one but me would have done.

I was so very lucky to have the parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles that I lived with for extended times, that let me behave as I chose. I was a good kid so there was never any discipline, and no guidance; my various guardians and I just did things together. There were some events: One time, about age nine, I caught a snake, and not knowing how to keep it I put it in the bathtub, until my parents got home to help me, and I went out to play. My mom came home before I saw her and while sitting on the toilet she discovered the snake next to her in the bathtub. I wasn’t there, of course, but it must have been exciting. After things calmed down, I was told to turn the snake loose where I found it, but that was as close to punishment as I ever got.

Eidemiller's at their early Wilder homestead.

My mother’s parents, dad in white gloves, and mom in a white blouse, and his mother about 1911

Mary Estella (Eidemiller) Scamahorn/Johnson

My mother Mary Estella Eidemiller + Scamahorn/Johnson as a child holding a doll in 1915.

This is a photo of my mother one hundred years ago. As I was her only child, that doll is symbolically me twenty years before I was born. There’s a family story about her wearing the big hand-me-down boots because the snow was getting in her shoes.

Baby Charles LeRoy Scamahorn

My dad showing me off to my mom’s parents on Christmas 1935

Charles Scamahorn 8 months old

Here I am at 8 months, checking out the world.

The note in my baby book, where these photos came from, said my first word was “doggie,” spoken at age seven months. It’s hard to believe this baby was talking, but it’s clearly checking for something at its level, like a dog.

A photo of Charles LeRoy Scamahorn

Charles Scamahorn, age 21 months, inspects Spokane, Washington

I survey the world from the Del Rey apartments.

A portrait photo of Charles Scamahorn

Charles LeRoy Scamahorn age 3 1/2, April, 1938 in Spokane, Washington

Charles LeRoy Scamahorn, and Glen Eidemiller Jr.

Off to my first day of school at Homedale, Idaho in September 1940. It was a one room 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade. That’s my uncle Glen Eidemiller Jr.

Charles LeRoy Scamahorn when a USAF student pilot sitting for a portrait in a T-33 jet

Charles LeRoy Scamahorn, age 24, as a USAF pilot sitting for a portrait in a T-33 jet in Laredo, Texas.

Charles Scamahorn - Probaway

Lt. Scamahorn portrait in jet pilot outfit.

Charles Scamahorn

Charles Scamahorn in Berkeley, 2008, watching for space aliens.

Charles Scamahorn, Probaway

Charles Scamahorn, age 73, at the Mediterraneum Cafe in Berkeley, California

Charles Scamahorn - Probaway - SAM_2922a

Charles Scamahorn, 24 June 2013 – self-portrait at Trump’s coffee shop in Bend, Oregon


The symphony auditorium was full in 2012, we had to sit third row center

Debbie Foster and Charles Scamahorn on Pilot Bute, OR

Debbie and I have lunch on Pilot Butte hilltop plaza on December 24, 2013, on a warm and windless day.

I’ve had a great life in that I had a good time doing what I wanted to do.