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A Dictionary of New Epigrams


It is acceptable for everything to behave within its character; thus it is acceptable to be what you are and for living things to die.

The whole Universe accepts you exactly as you are.

You are exactly where you need to be.

When you accept yourself others, and the whole Universe, will accept you spontaneously.

I look at the sky and smile, and accept what it gives me. Sometimes, it’s a soothing sunset blue, sometimes a cold biting rain, sometimes it’s hot stinging dust. I accept and love it all as we play together.

Acceptance includes active participation in the events of the moment, but it’s the opposite of apathy which doesn’t participate in the world. Apathy isn’t even observant; it’s just avoidance, boredom, depression and pain.

Experience is needed for what we need to learn, but acceptance is knowing what we have to do and doing it.

Acceptance includes inertia, and that is the natural and inevitable progress of the way things are going to be.

Acceptance includes the rare events that are inevitable, but their timing is unknowable. An atom of radium will at some unknown time spontaneously decay.

From any human’s point of view anything can be good, bad or indifferent, but at every moment you can choose to be tranquil with yourself, accepting of your environment and content with the whole world.