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Debbie and I head out for the top of Pilot Butte to view the lunar eclipse. The sun had gone down before we headed out, but it was still light.

Our departure for Pilute Butte.

Debbie hurries to catch up.

A photo of east Bend, Oregon from half way up Pilot Butte

Halfway up the south side of Pilot Butte, but we don’t see the Moon.

The eclipsed Moon over east Bend.

Near the top of Pilot Butte we finally see the Moon over east Bend.

A view of Sisters west of Bend, Oregon

There were lots of people and cars on top of Pilot Butte. View west to the Sisters.

A view of the partially eclipsed Moon

The Moon showing the shadow of the curvature of the Earth.

A shadow of the Earth projected onto the Moon

The shadow of the Earth shows the same curvature.

These were handheld photographs, and it’s amazing they look this good. The point is that they clearly show a phenomenon that was known to the ancients that demonstrated the relative size of the Earth compared to the Moon. It is easy to observe this if you look for it, and it is totally different from the appearance usually seen of the crescent Moon.