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Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) usually abbreviated to C. difficile or pronounced – see diff –  has been associated with a mortality rate of 6.9% at 30 days after diagnosis and 16.7% at 1 year. The inexplicable question for me is why the authorities have not been promoting fecal transplant treatment when it has proven over 90% effective, while standard treatments with the various antibiotics nearly one in five patients dies.

Even when antibiotics are successful the standard recommendation is “After treatment, repeat testing is not recommended if the patient’s symptoms have resolved since many patients remain colonized with the bacteria.” In other words, don’t look for C. diff because the thing you are looking for is likely to be there, and the knowledge of its presence will disturb you. That’s like a definition of crazy.

It is reported that C. diff is a common bacteria in human intestinal flora so checking for its presence isn’t informative, but what would be informative is how much C. diff is present. It’s the relative quantity of C. diff that’s the problem, so a test for the relative quantity of C. diff compared to other intestinal flora would be informative. One part C. diff in a thousand is probably okay but one part in ten isn’t.

The common reason C. diff becomes a problem for Americans is because they have been treated for some other disease with broad spectrum antibiotics, and those antibiotics killed off the absolutely necessary living digestive flora in their gut. The Mayo Clinic posts that the standard treatment for C. difficile is another antibiotic, metronidazole or vancomycin. An antibiotic may have been necessary for treatment of the previous disease condition, but the treatment itself allowed a potentially deadly C. diff infestation to occur, and the second course of antibiotics inhibits normal intestinal flora from establishing themselves. The C. diff is able to reestablish itself more quickly after the original antibiotic treatment killed the normal flora, and the overabundance of C. diff prevents the others from growing into their normal healthy balance. The result of this imbalance is diarrhea. It is caused by having massive amounts of otherwise benign C. diff bacteria, instead of a balanced mix of thousands of different kinds of bacteria. People often die of diarrhea alone, because the water necessary for life doesn’t move through the intestinal wall from inside the gut to inside the body.

Here is another “helpful fact,” from the World Health Organization (WHO) that isn’t helpful. Major diarrhea is one of the great killers of people, and here’s the WHO treatment for diarrhea: “Rehydration: with oral rehydration salts (ORS) solution. ORS is a mixture of clean water, salt and sugar. It costs a few cents per treatment. ORS is absorbed in the small intestine and replaces the water and electrolytes lost in the faeces.” — As presented by WHO, those are just gobbledygook words without a more specific definition of what they mean! I ask you, if you had severe diarrhea would you know what to do after reading that treatment? Probably not, but it’s really quite simple; so why didn’t they simply write: Drink to your personal satisfaction of a beverage made with 1 liter of water, 1 teaspoon of common salt, and 8 teaspoons of sugar, and eat normally. That’s it. Why are they keeping an effective treatment functionally a secret hidden behind obscuring generalities like ORS? Most people could create an effective treatment from their own kitchen, but by calling it ORS they hide the important information? The WHO statement pretends to tell you what to do without telling you how to do it.

What obviously must be done to restore intestinal health is to get new healthy intestinal flora reestablished in a gut that has had its previously healthy flora killed off by antibiotics or some disease. There are seven billion sources of this healthy flora readily available every day, and if it wasn’t available in every one of those other humans they would soon be dead. Under normal conditions we avoid these fecal sources for the very good reason that many of these people are carrying some sub-critical disease that we don’t know about and don’t want. However, if you or someone you know is dying from a diarrhea disease, a dose of human shit and spit is likely to bring them back to their normal health. The odds of getting good intestinal flora is greatly increased by getting the shit and spit from a healthy person who hasn’t taken any antibiotics for several years.

Here’s how to save your life by eating healthy shit and spit.

If you have a deadly diarrhea disease like C. diff, get a tablespoon of fresh shit from a healthy friend, the last shit out is freshest, and some of their spit too, stir it into a half cup of water and drink it. This is made more pleasant by having a spicy beverage, like a fizzy cola, instantly before and instantly after drinking the preparation. Also, take a tablespoon of the fresh shit and insert it anally, and leave it there. Alternatively, dilute some healthy shit in a cup of fresh water and squeeze it in. That is bizarre, but another life-saving thing to do is  while you are healthy save a small quantity of your own shit in a freezer, and when you are sick with diarreha do the above procedure. For the nearly a million children who die annually from diarrhea, these disgusting treatments might not seem like such a bad alternative to being really sick and then dying.

Eating healthy shit and spit will probably save the lives of millions of people with deadly diarrhea.