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If I open doors so that you now have new powers do something new, do I have any right to direct how you are to use those powers? That question was at the core of a vehement conversation I was facilitating. The people who were participating were all aiming at giving people power over their own destinies, but some were arguing for limiting the abilities being granted to positive, healing powers, and the others were for granting absolutely unlimited powers to the other person.

The people involved in this discussion were professional healers of various kinds almost all of whom had over twenty years of experience helping others. This wasn’t a college-age late-night bull session based on optimistic views of how things ought to be, so much as how to help people with ongoing serious problems; that is, coping with difficult real-world problems. Some of the situations these healers had been called upon to help correct were truly horrendous, but called they were, and so they had to cope as best they could. Their methods differed but their goals were to help miserable, sick, dysfunctional human beings become happy, healthy, well-functioning people.

I didn’t express my views on the problem because I was facilitating the conversation, and my expressing opinions would interfere with the facilitating role, but my view, presented here, is based on easily observed relationships with dogs. Cesar Millan, the famous dog whisperer, is able to enter situations where the dogs are functioning poorly and bring them into behavior patterns that are more compatible with human society. There is another, not yet so famous dog whisperer, Kikopup, who trains normal dogs to be extraordinary happy and functional by using positive reinforcement techniques. Watch a few of each of these dog-whisperers’ YouTube videos to learn a lot about real-world behavior of people as well as dogs.

The relevance of these dog training procedures is that the people-healers were dealing with emotionally sick people and were focused on bringing them up to functioning normally in typical everyday society. Thus their intention was to limit their granting of power to these people to low energy types of power that were proper in normal social transactions that people typically encounter on the street. It was the Cesar Millan type of social interaction. The people-developers were more like Kikopup, in that they were more interested in taking people who were already socially mature and habitually kind to others, and taking them to the outer limits of human abilities. These were people who could be trusted with unlimited self-directed power. They could be trusted because their core motivation was to help humanity to reach its utmost potential.

There is an old saying, “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!” That is probably true for people who are seeking personal power, especially power over other people; but for those people who have reached an interest in helping humanity and all life to thrive, granting them open-ended power will drive human evolutionary processes to their most joyous ends.

Open the doors to power to those who will use it for advancing life.