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The Earth’s environment is going through rapid changes, but we have the opportunity to save most of the living forms if we do a few simple things. They are named The Earth Ark Project for saving all the seeds and other DNA that can be frozen; and The Life Haven Project for saving living animal species that must be maintained constantly alive.

Antarctica Ice Flow showing the Argus Rize

Antarctica Ice Flow showing the Argus Dome in blue. Click BIG

The Earth Ark has the advantage over other seed repositories in that it will require zero maintenance for thousands of years. Once the seeds are placed in containers at the top of the Argus ice dome in Antarctica at 80°S, 77°E (-80, 77) and 4,000 meters (13,000 feet) altitude, they will probably remain viable for thousands of years. At that location temperatures below -40°C (-40°F) will be maintained in the buried containers. It is a one-time expense to collect the seeds from everywhere, including your locality, and bury them at the Earth Ark, where they will last “forever.” All you need to do is collect some local seeds and mail them to The Earth Ark.

Adams Island bay at -50.865 166.028 would be a good place.

Adams Island bay at -50.865 166.028 would be a good place for a Life Haven.

The Adams Island NZ, Life Haven location

View of the docking location of the Life Haven is across the bay.

The Life Haven Project is designed to recover the Earth’s animal life from a global catastrophe, such as a major war. I don’t like to think about a war but in the long run it seems possible, and the expense of creating a recovery site would be tiny compared to the ability to restore some animal and human life on Earth. The plan is to have 25 families of people, chosen from widely diverse groups, to be rotated through a community as remote and as protected from a catastrophe as possible. An easy way to do this would be to take a large retired cruise ship, stocked with supplies, and ground it permanently in Adams Island (-50.86, 166.06).

It is possible to restore the Earth to where it is now if we build the Earth Ark and the Life Haven.