A Dictionary of New Epigrams


Silence can be more eloquent than words, but usually isn’t.

Silence in the right context is a perfectly communicative word.

Silence is but one of a great many states of reasonable being.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and viewed closely there is never silence; always there’s action, and action makes noise.

Silence may create a space for great thoughts to enter, but it’s the stuff around the silence that gives the silence form and meaning.

In the presence of perfection silence is the best praise, because cheering, clapping and boisterous words distract our minds from perfection.

When you say something say it perfectly, including the silences and stutters.

Be as careful with your silences as with your words.

When there is a moment of silence, there is an opportunity to solve problems.

If silence is the mind’s natural state, why does it take so much effort to reach that state?

Silence is the speech of a mind that’s quit working.

What did the vast multitudes of silent yogis give us compared to a few fevered brains of our dedicated scientists?

Silence is the conversation under the graveyard.

There is little difference between deep meditation and death. It’s dead silence.

We need powerful reasons to remain silent when there is so much that needs doing.

If the door of your free speech is ever closed your newly acquired silence will kill your liberty forever.

Your life is shrinking toward zero when you remain silent when you should speak up.

Silence is heavenly for a person comfortable with themselves, but quiet is hell for a person who hates themselves.

The ability to be silent at the right times can be a key to physical survival.

Action trumps words, and completed action trumps everything but the rewards of silence.

It’s often better to remain silent if you are not prepared to act.

It is a wise man who can give us his silence when he has nothing to say.

A quiet mind creates a quiet exterior.

Next to dogs and women, silence is man’s best friend.