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The problem with all weight-loss diets before this one is that people don’t like them. They demand constant attention and the expenditure of adaptive energy. So when a person has some problem, any problem, their adaptive energy gets used up and that energy needed to maintain a diet is gone. The realization that they have failed adds more stress, and so it takes even more energy to get back on the diet.

The diet I am about to suggest takes absolutely zero adaptive energy, because it is easy and pleasant to do. When you first hear it, it will sound absolutely absurd, but that is a problem with many good ideas. The basic goal is to sate your taste buds right before you begin to eat. That is easy to do, and once it’s done you can relax and enjoy your meal and your conversations with your companions. This procedure is the opposite of eating until you feel satisfied, because if you are stressed your body will demand more than you really need for coping with the moment. When using the method I am about to suggest you will have a feeling of satisfaction from the first moment, and if you have reasonable portions set out, without an infinite amount of seconds available, it is easy to stop eating when the visible food is gone. Are you ready for the absurd … here it is!

Take 1/8th teaspoon of butter and put it in your mouth. Don’t swallow, but let it melt and flow all around your tongue; smear the melted butter forcefully onto the roof of your mouth, which forces the butter and the butter flavor into your tongue; lick your lips with your butter-covered tongue and rub them together; force the butter under your tongue, past your teeth and onto the inside of your cheeks. Enjoy this whole process as much as possible, and enjoy the aromas of the warm butter coming into your nose. Good butter is a delight to eat in small quantities.

Having done this delightful procedure it is easy to eat the rest of a reasonable meal with greater satisfaction, in part because the butter is still down in your taste buds and is adding the delight of having fat as part of your meal. As you can see there is nothing difficult about this diet, and it tastes great. When you are in a situation where there is no butter, take whatever is the fattest part of what’s available and do the 1/8th teaspoon procedure. Take some time with it so your body knows it is getting the pleasure it wants.

Take a minute to enjoy 1/8th teaspoon of butter before you start eating.