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The one way for me, in fact the only way, is forward! After all I can’t go back. Even going back to a previous place is going forward. So, forward it is! However, perhaps I can place a hook in my future that will pull me into a place that I would prefer to be in once I got there? Or does where I am at now trap my aspirations and limit my hope to what appears to be my best option at this moment? Am I therefore trapped into repeating the present moment? Am I dependent on some external inputs to guide me to a new place? Hopefully to a better place! It seems to me at this moment that “now is forever” and that “this place is everywhere”, this is all there is and that’s the way it will be until something unexpected happens. It appears I am controlled and guided by the unexpected, but if that is my true condition then I am an automaton, a robot! I’m having a good time, so I guess that’s okay.

Above is what came out of me in handwritten text. That was only 150 words, or 15 words per minute. I can do an online typing test at 60 words per minute, and perhaps even better than that on my voice to text program. Except for one person using a screen keyboard the rest of us wrote longhand. That writing exercise came about after our prepared readings were finished and had been discussed and we had some time so we did a prompt word, and we all wrote furiously for ten minutes. As a group we chose the term “one-way.” Everyone came up with totally different essays. I recommend getting involved in a writing group, an improv group, a philosophy group as it expands your world view and flexibility.

Improvising, writing, philosophy, social events prepare you for other new things.