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I have migraine scintillating scotomas every couple of months, and I do experiments on them.

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These experiments are 100% personal experience, and you should consider them totally a first test and nothing more.

An hour ago a scintillating began in the middle of my visual field while reading the news online. I kept reading for about a minute until it became impossible because the blanked out area would cover the words I was looking at. So, I admitted I was having a migraine and thought back over my previous experiments. The very warm water in my mouth was my last experiment and it seemed to work, and it seemed possible that what was happening was that the blood vessels in my head were dilating back to their normal state, because of the warm water. I was helping this process along by tapping my fingers firmly on my head, moving all around to all sides, and with my palms too; I used about the force in each palm tap that one would get from dropping a tennis ball about two feet. Between the warm water, constantly upgraded, and the constant tapping, the migraine went away in about five minutes. The time is a little arbitrary because I didn’t time the beginning or the exact ending, and these times are diffuse because the beginning and ending are diffuse.

The new migraine experiment

Operating on the idea that it is dilating the blood vessels, or something very similar, today’s experiment consisted of absolutely relaxing my face, mouth and jowls, and then my whole spine and upper body. I did this by leaning my head forward to a horizontal position and shaking my head from side to side, about an inch each way, so my loose cheek jowls would flap. Then I did a rocking forward and back with my head, with a gentle jowl shaking snap at the bottom of each shake. After about five cycles of going back and forth between these exercises I moved on to doing a gentle rocking and twisting of my upper body and spine in an undulating snake-like motion. I then repeated this whole procedure for several minutes, keeping my face totally slack.

That’s it.

That whole procedure sounds boring and silly, but it’s better than an hour of messed up vision followed by a headache. When I started doing these exercises the scotoma was about the size of my thumbnail in diameter at arm’s length, and after a minute it had expanded to an arc about the size of my semi-arched hand held at arm’s length, but it was getting softer and more diffuse. About a minute later it had stopped scintillating and was just a diffuse grey area with a blanked-out area of vision, and a minute later my vision was normal, but I still had a distant feeling to my vision for another minute.

Totally relaxing your head with mild shaking may stimulate blood flow and end migraine prodromes.