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If you enjoy wandering in spiritual paradox, this book’s for you. Rarely does a sentence, a paragraph, a chapter, or even the whole book end up going anywhere without coming back to the exact same starting place. Jeff Foster goes everywhere, even to and beyond the edges of the Universe, in words, but he invariably claims he comes back to the here and now, and by that he means the sensations in his body, the sights before his eyes, the emotions in his body, the thoughts in his mind, and always in this instant.

He then claims that here and now is always where it’s at, where enlightenment resides, where it always resides. All of the moments of enlightenment are unique, and they are all equally valid, even if seeming contradictory, even if they are absolutely contradictory, they are what they are in the moment, they are perfect for their unique moment, they are always enlightenment. It is always you!

You are always changing, and always the same. You are always now, you are always here, and never the same. That realization is enlightenment, or befuddlement. It’s always your choice, in the moment; it’s what you choose it to be. Or not bother to choose to be, because it doesn’t matter, it will happen anyway. You are always in a state of enlightenment, you can not avoid being enlightened. You are enlightened right now – right now — RIGHT NOW! … now.     .

Life Without a Centre: Awakening from the Dream of Separation