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The value of a religion should be measured by how much good it does for the society it is immersed within and not by the exclusive benefits it provides to its members.

A multiplicity of religions strengthens a society by preventing a single one from oppressing people outside or inside of its organization. If a person has no choice but to stay within a group they may be oppressed, but when they are free to leave one and join another, they will be welcomed by all and not oppressed by any.

People join a religion for relief from the anxiety of having to create their own reasons for the meaning of their life. Beautifully prepared fantasies are preferable to most people to the stark realities of materialism. If you were created on this Earth out of the earth to serve a higher purpose, it is proof that the creator loves you and supports your life and your role in serving the grand purpose. If your higher purpose is to manifest your parent’s DNA in flesh, and the purpose of your flesh is to generate DNA and hook it up with another’s DNA, that may seem trivial and your life may seem meaningless by comparison to transcendent godly work.

Mumbling pious words doesn’t make you a better person. It is helping other people live, and live more abundantly, that makes you into a better person.

Can you trust a person who can injure another human being and then receive the blessings of his home religion?

Religion is good for taking money from hope-filled gamblers and giving it to impostors who promise to give them something in return, but it’s something they do not own and can not give.

Treat others well because it eases their anxiety and lets  them think more clearly, so they too might be kinder to other people.